Easter cleaning – WP update, new theme and bye bye nofollow

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I just updated WP to the latest release, installed a new theme (Dilecto was very cool but too fancy for my flavour) and installed a nofollow-remover plugin.

New theme:

This new templates name is “Not so Fresh” and you can find more info at the bottm of the page. It’s still far from waht I want but is much cleaner than the previous and I am still to busy/lasy to customize it or do my own. I work on too many sites and css designs to have some time to do my own.
As we say here in Italy the shoemaker walks with broken shoes…


I personally admin every comment so there’s no chance that a spam comment could pass so why not give a little reward to my comments’ authors? I just installed NoFollow Free and from what I read in the features list is the best among the others.

It has many available settings. My settings will work in this way:
The nofollow attribute is removed from authors’ websites links but not from link in the comment text.
The attribute will be removed to author with more than 5 comments.

I am working on some cool experiments so stay tuned for more goodies.




  1. Olivier  •  Apr 1, 2008 @2:04 pm

    Very nice time, I should admit… I love the header bar.

  2. Jonas  •  Apr 1, 2008 @7:35 pm

    Yo! Dude ur awesome. I started with flash in november and feel very comfortable with as3. A little bit proud, but when I see your post about really cutting-edge-flash I feel so behind it all. I haven’t even had time to check out Papervision. Fuck!

    Keep it up! U rock, rock!

    And if im in Italy sometime I hope u show me some massive AS-skills live.


  3. Pierluigi Pesenti  •  Apr 2, 2008 @9:30 am

    Wow! This is by far the most enthusiastic comment I have received till now :)

    Thanks man, I’ll keep it up ;)

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