28 days later (Formerly know as “the F*ck post”)


Hi there, sorry for not posting for a while. I am not in a lack of ideas, but in a lack of hands!
Yeah really… 28 days ago I wrote this draft, and never published it cause quite depressed an cause with one hand only I tried to stay afk as long as possible (but didn’t manage to do it… the only thing I managed to do has been working 12hrs a days to try to stay up with deadlines).

Sorry for the title, but this is me this morning.


My fifth finger broke yesterday night in an accident. Obviously my right hand had to be completely enclosed in this plaster cast, I’ve got two “free” fingers but they are so tight together that seem totally unuseful. Will have to keep it for a month and then if I am lucky (usually I am not), no chirurgical intervent will be needed.

Arghhh, cannot figure out a month without driving and 30days of one handed showers.

And, off course, lots of stuff to do and I can’t even move the mouse. At least I am kinda good in using left hand for the mouse, and I will try to code with 5 finger only, the real problem is…

…if I only had a curly brace key on the keyboard!!!

p.s.: Don’t look at the facial expression lol, I woke up 5 minutes before taking the picture :-D

However 28 days passed from this draft… 6 more days left and then my plaster will be removed. One the good side Ican say I learned a lot in this month: now I am totally ambidextrous with the mouse :-D (but can’t even do a cross with a pen), I learned how to use japanese chopsticks with the left hand, and how difficult can be to tie your shoes.
Somebody also told me (but hey, it’s not my case :-P ) that a hand can start to smell like a foot!! :-D

Usually I don’t post about personal facts or thing not related to the Flash platform, so let’s get back to something inherent.

In this month I managed to complete my 25lines.com entry with one hand only, but didn’t made it to the 12 finalists. I will write a post about it as soon as it will be published on the contest site. I will wait cause I still dunno if some of the dirty tricks I used was considered legal, and if don’t, will remove them and resubmit for the next month :-D . (Yeah I am a lazy ass, but justified by a lot of work behind schedule).

I personally appreciated a lot 11 of the 12 finalists entries (how bad am I, but I will not make any name :) ), some of them are really mind-blowing, and I am so happy that the winner has been the incredible SmilieBounce by Marius Heil.

Be back soon, bye.

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