Actionscript 3 – Koch snowflake generator (aka “The Broccoli generator”) and variations, with SVG export (aka “The Merry Christmas” post)

actionscript 3, algorithms, fun, Math

Nothing much to say here… I wanted to create some christmas themed swf and so I started to experiment with the fascinating (but kinda boring) Koch snowflake curve, and found it much more interesting setting some variable parameters to play with. (only octaves are fixed to five… you don’t really need more).

(Do not forget to play with parameters! (Flash Player 10 required))

I will not post the code now cause really needs a clean up, but if someone is interested just drop a comment and I will try to publish it in the next few days.

oh, almost forgot… Merry Christmas, happy holydays, good 2009 and bla bla.

UPDATED: After some requests I uploaded the source file (it’s a CS4 .fla)… one year later :-P .




  1. subblue  •  Dec 26, 2008 @8:29 am

    That’s great. Merry Christmas!

  2. snowflake  •  Dec 26, 2008 @9:17 pm

    Let me know when you are done so I can post a link to it for my visitors!

  3. Lily  •  Apr 1, 2009 @3:01 pm

    Handsome !

    Yes I’d like to see the code… even dirty ;)

  4. Cosmin  •  Apr 3, 2009 @8:14 pm


    The snowflake is great! Could I pick a little at your code :) ?
    If is ok, could you please send the fla to my email?

    Great job,

  5. Jose  •  Nov 29, 2009 @5:00 am

    Hey, I’d definitely be interested in the code if you still have it available? Thanks and awesome job! -Jose

  6. Pierluigi Pesenti  •  Nov 29, 2009 @10:29 am

    Hey Jose, the code is published, have fun.

  7. cronoklee  •  Mar 6, 2011 @2:52 am

    Excellent ! just what i needed! thanks so much for the source!

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