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This morning I delievered the final release of one of the biggest project recently worked to… and my first flex application!

Oh yeah I started with a big ass project and spent two incredibly heavy months arguing with flex (and his bugs.. mostly design ones), but learned a lot.

The project is a new full comprehensive English language course developed for DeAgostini Editore which will be shipped on DVD-Rom in libraries and newspaper shops.

This was the full remaking of my last “language course framework/engine” which was built during years starting in 2004 in “oop” as1. On this engine many CD/DVD language courses have been produced and often with really little time for the customization.

After many years it started to feel very old (once you try as3 and flex everything previous seemed old) and really not solid so we decided to rebuild everything from scratch.

Playing with Flex has been a great experience. I liked a lot many things and hated many others of it, but love surely wins.

The coolest thing personally are not components or mxml itself but (Insert love smilies here) containers. A great part of the project was as3 assembled, but having those awesome hbox, vbox, tile, canvas etc. with auto-appearing scrollbars and fully skinnable via css really helped a lot.

I am sure I will have a little more time now to come back to my experiments, and from today… with Astro (Flash player 10) out in beta I am sure it will me more and more fun!

p.s.: Why in the world previous beta of Hydra toolkit worked perfectly with my ATI Radeon X800 XL @300fps while now that changed name in PixelBender my videocard isn’t supported?
I just tought it was not on the list and so i tried to install the toolkit but a big red alert message clearly says that every filter will be run only by CPU (@0.5fps…).

X800 will not be the most recent graphic card in the world (and I was already planning to buy a new one next week) but I think that Adobe should (and could) really extend the supported vga list before the final release. Maybe it’s already planned but found no mention about it.

Le’ts really hope they will extend this list or will be quite a difficult and risky choice to use advanced filters for commercial project.

See you soon on this pages.