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Actionscript 3 Lightning class – First tests

actionscript 3, advanced image editing, algorithms, fun, game, Math, perlinNoise, Physics, simulation

Here again with the first test of a Fx class.

The class can render lightnings with these specs:

- different shapes and aspect
- variable edge-smoothness to keep the extremities sticked to the origin
- runtime children generation (every trunk can generate children)

Sample #1

Sample #2

Perhaps not that useful but could be nice to implement in some game or demo.
Code soon.


Actionscript 3 – Better perlinNoise (perlinNoise complexification)

actionscript 3, advanced image editing, BitmapData, perlinNoise, voxels

Ok, here we are… once again speaking about perlinNoise.

PerlinNoise is a super-cool function… nothing to object, it gives you the ability to render a smooth random varying surface on a bitmapdata.

You can use it for random behaviours, for mountains generation, for lots lots of stuff resembling the inner and deep variations hidden in nature… but lets say it: it’s kinda boring to look at.

Tired to have always the same old plain smooth boring perlinNoise? Try this simple variation.

Test interactive demo #1

The main concept is EXTREMELY simple and is a trick I inherited from photoshop “Render clouds / Render difference clouds” filters.

The logic is this:

  1. Apply a simple perlinNoise method to a bitmapData
  2. For i=0 to i=N…
  3. Apply a simple perlinNoise method to a second bitmapData with a different seed at every iteration
  4. Composite the second bitmapData onto the first with the draw() method and a BlendMode.DIFFERENCE blend mode.

Look at the simple code:

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Actionscript 3 – PixelMorphing Class (now with source code)

actionscript 3, advanced image editing, algorithms, BitmapData, classes, fun, morphing, Particles

Updated on 04/27/2009: Class with some improvements to skip transparent pixels. The two images should however share the same amount (or similar) of visible pixels.
Lot of space for improvements here, if someone want to contribute very appreciated.

Ok, lot of time passed since I posted my PixelMorphing class experiment.
Seemed to me that post passed quite unobserved but then I received a lot of feedback and e-mail asking to share the source code.

Well, the first time I wanted to speed up posting and do further experimentation/optimization so I din’t prepare the source but since the main believe of this blog is that if someone ask for code I release it, here we are. Optimization still not done… I am a lazy one, so if someone want to help improve it is really welcome.

Now the steps to play with it:

  1. Download the PixelMorphing class
  2. Use it with this code:
import com.oaxoa.fx.PixelMorphing;
var pm:PixelMorphing=new PixelMorphing(pic1, pic2, 200);


or certainly you can place some buttons or some combo and wait for some event for it to start or reset. The main code of the previous post is this:

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Scene Completion Using Millions of Photographs

advanced image editing, AicbBiti!, algorithms

Today I start a new post category on this blog: the “A is cool, but B is totally insane!” ยป AicbBiti!!!

I was doing some research about Liquid resize (Seams carving) algorithm because I want to try the software and maybe start thinking about an as3 implementation… This is really cool and works really well for some simpler scenes, but hey… This is AicbBiti!

So if seams carving is cool, Scene Completion Using Millions of Photographs is totally insane!

Scene Completion Using Millions of Photographs

Download the project paper that is full of examples and technical infos. This really rocks, and seems that all the semantical images metatagging have been done automatically without human work.