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NihongoUp by divita – Learn japanese the fun way

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This is the first time I publish a review, but since I am learning japanese and this game is so much fun and so much useful I think it deserves visibility.

NihongoUp is a japanese learning game developed in Adobe AIR by Philip Seyfi.
It is structured in four main categories:

  • Kana (Hiragana, Katakana, All kana)
  • Kanji (JLPT 3, JLPT 2)
  • Vocabulary (JLPT 4, JLPT 3, JLPT 2, JLPT 1)
  • Grammar (particles, counters)


There are mainly two kinds of games, a typing one, used in the “Kana” section where lots of balloon comes down the screen with a japanese symbol attached. You have to type the translitterated kana before the balloon disappears to gain score points and raise the level number. It’s simply funny and perfect for someone at the beginning of the studying process.


The other kind of game reuses the concept of the falling balloons but you simply have to choose between four possible answers to the question located at the bottom of the screen. This game concept is used in the other sections, where you can train your Kanji knowledge, grammar skills or the richness of your japanese vocabulary.


What else to say? It is well coded and the database is huge with 8000 10000 (!) records filled all the JLPT Kanjis and training sentences, so this game could really help the willing student to become a japanese language master, with fun.

So if you are studying japanese and you are a flash developer (likely as you are reading this…), support this valuable work. A license serial number costs only $4.99 and before buying you can trying a free trial to test it out.

I’ll soon be back posting lots of new actionscript stuff. Have a nice sushi day ;)


“Learning Japanese” Game – Lesson 1: Hiragana

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Hi there,

this is a small and simple game for learning hiragana.

Hiragana (平仮名 or ひらがな) is a Japanese syllabary, one component of the Japanese writing system, along with katakana and kanji;

The game is very simple but quite useful. This goes mainly for me and my Japanese language course mates: Manuel, Marco, Ester, Tommaso, Francesca, Barbara, Monica and offcourse the teacher Flavia chan :-) but can be useful for everybody studing this language.

To play you just need Adobe Flash Player 9 and installed support for japanese language in you operating system.

Start the game