Actionscript 3 – Fun with isometrics (part 1)

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Hi there,

I was just wandering around on some flash blogs when I found this post on bit-101 that reminded me of an old fetish of mine: isometric representations!

So I just wrote this demo… The best result is achived when staring at it for a couple of minutes cause it changes conformation very quickly and displays a lot of different patterns.

No source code here, just a quick post after a while, but I wil be on the subject again (with source code).

View sample #1View sample #2

Leave a comment if you like it. Cheers



  1. jvc  •  Aug 8, 2008 @4:54 am

    nice – reminds me of the radiohead lego variation of the house of cards video

  2. Lawrie  •  Aug 8, 2008 @9:11 am

    That’s really nice. Fast too. Good work.
    I also saw the bit-101 posts and had a quick go at some isometric stuff, but it’s not nearly as impressive. I look forwards to seeing the source for this.

  3. Adam  •  Aug 9, 2008 @6:00 am

    Awesome! Love it!

  4. Og2t  •  Aug 15, 2008 @9:10 am

    ah that’s how Chinese people were training before the olympics ;)

  5. Pierluigi Pesenti  •  Aug 15, 2008 @9:52 am


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